BanglarBhumi Land Management Training Centre (LMTC)

Land Management Training Centre (LMTC)

Land & Land Reforms Department, Government of West Bengal


The Land Management Training Centre (LMTC), which was inaugurated in 2010, has a sprawling campus on 4.23 acres of land in the heart of Berhampore town (Lat. 240-05’–43.64” and Long. 880-15’–41.13”) under Murshidabad district. LMTC is located near Berhampore State Bus Terminus and just 0.5 km away from Berhampore Court Railway Station and is about 200 Kilometres away from Kolkata. LMTC, Berhampore is well connected with rail and bus services. Bhagarathi Express, Hazarduari Express and Lalgola Passengers plies from Sealdaha Station to Berhampore Court Station. Whereas, Kamrup Express, Janasatabdi Express etc. stops at Khagraghat Station which is just 2.00 Km away from this institute. Moreover, there are regular bus services from Kolkata and Siliguri to Berhampore as NH 34 passes through Berhampore. The trainees from North Bengal find this institute more convenient for its easy access.


The LMTC as it stands now is a full-fledged composite training centre consisting of two (2) lecture halls, a conference hall, computer centre and a library in main administrative building itself. Each lecture hall has a capacity of 100 trainees. Besides, there are 20 seated trainers dormitory and 64 seated hostels and a spacious dining hall and kitchen. A guest house for visiting faculty members is being constructed. For staff members there is provision of staff quarters. For providing uninterrupted power supply one 62.5 KVA generator has been installed. In providing all these facilities, Rs. 6,02,80,546.00 were sanctioned and out of which Rs. 5.05,26,989.00 has already been placed to PWD, Construction Board Directorate, details of which is mentioned in table below. Besides above, Rs.45,03,618.00 has been utilized for buying computers and furniture.


LMTC primarily aims to impart training to the newly recruited revenue officers (ROs), revenue inspectors (RIs), Amins on survey and settlement matters, Bhumi Sayaks and clerical staffs on land matters including matter relating to routine office matters. However, refresher course of SRO-II and RO including computers are also regularly conducted. Further need based specialised training on computer, software installation to O/C Computers, District Nodal officers and Service Engineers are also organised. Extra-departmental training such as Bureau of Applied Statistics on agricultural census, crop survey is also organised here. The details of trainings held in 2010-11 are shown in table below.

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