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Today I will tell you How to Check West Bengal Land Mutation Status Online? Yes, you can check West Bengal Mutation Status in Your Computer/ Laptop and Also can check in your Mobile. You can get Mutation Status Case Wise and Deed Wise. Read all easy steps for getting any Mutation Status of WB.
Mutation Status of West Bengal Land & Land Refroms Department

1. Mutation Status: First you have to visit West Bengal Land & Land Refroms Department's Official website → After visit the website go to the "Citizen Service" ans Click on "Mutation Status" option. You can see details in the picture given below ↓ 
Mutation Status of West Bengal

2. Mutation Case Wise: Now you see some option for getting any Mutation Status. First option in " Case Wise Search" Just click on this and you can see some more option are opened. Here you have to Select your "District", Your "Block", Your Mouza and also "Case No." after fill this details Click on "Submit" Button. After Submit details you can see the Mutation Status According to your Case No.
Case Wise Mutation Status of West Bengal

3. Mutation Deed Wise: If you have you Deed No. then you can also check Mutation Status using your Deed Number. For check Mutation Status using Deed no. just click on "Deed Wise Search" then Give Your "Deed No." and "Deed Year" and Click on Submit. After Submit your deed Information you can get your Mutation Status According to your Deed Number.
Deed Wise Mutation Status of West Bengal
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