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We Need a Crime free Nation

We Need a Crime free Nation

There are protests all over India about Delhi Gangrape which may pressurise the government to make strict laws in rape cases. The Prime Minister has become 'Mon' Mohan Singh due to these shamless activities taking place in our country. We call our country our motherland. 

Then why are women not safe in our country ? Every citizen of India says that Indians are my brothers and sisters' then why do people act such inhumanly towards the women of our nation ? When a girl is raped and molested, the first question asked is about the outfit that she had worn when the crime was taking place. 

A girl has always been considered responsible if anything wrong happens with her. Some say that girls should dress well to avoid rape and should follow the prevalent culture. But this is not applicable to the boys, which means, they can think and do what they want. Time has come to change our attitudes to this great problem.

So, it makes no sense to question girls over dressing better. If we really wish to eradicate this crime, it is necessary to change our thoughts not anybody's clothes.

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