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Reflections of our School Life - Writing of a Student

Reflections of our School Life 

As the gates opened, we all had tears in our eyes for all that we saw were unknown faces. None of us knew what the future held for us when we entered the campus of SJC with our tiny feet. 

Today, when we have entered the last years of our school life, every stranger is now an acquaintance, some have turned to be great batch mates and a few special ones have become best of friends. To be precise 'THE 5 BEST FRIENDS' who sailed along the sea during the times of storm and calm water. 

3rd standard ! This was the class where 4 of the 5 lives had taken a great turn, which we realised later on ... 

In a time period of just 2 years, our friendship grew stronger and became so prominent that we were crowned with the tide 'THE FOUR INSEPARABLES' by Ma'am Jude, in the 5' standard. The carnival of our friendship had finally begun ! We still remember the time when we were kids, jostling in the crowd of Josephites, yet the four of us were in our own world.... 

But in the middle school, our worlds interwined. In class 6, when the classes were shuffled, unfortunately the four of us ended up into 3 different sections. The novelty of new friendship grew on us and old bonds were quietly beginning to fade away. Different classes and new friends were drawing us away. 

Time keeps changing and so did ours ! The faded colours of our friendship started renewing with brighter colours than ever before in the 8' class when the classes got shuffled again. Our group got together.. again... we began rebuilding our weakened relations.... 

The 9th standard had a warm knock followed by the grand entry of the 5' best friend and that was Sharon. People say 9' and 10' standard is a tough part to go through, but our group always had a different view. Though we all bore the brain-racking and tiring long sessions of classes, we never lost our idea of fun. We had a series of get togethers, movie plans, and outings. 

But soon the fun talks turned into career and 10' boards discussions. 

11th was a new story altogether. Until now all the separations were enforced on us, but this time, it was our choice ! On one hand we were dealing with 'the separation' and on the other hand, we had to face the diversities of our decision regarding our careers. But one thing still remained common. Each day, each one of us had to listen to the threatening warnings of being awarded 'DIGITAL MARKS !' some how continuing to be each other's support, we managed to survive through the storm moving ahead, to face the most dreadful one !. 

Now in 12th, we're still together. For each one of us, the rest still act as the backbone !. 

From the sunshine filled days of class 5 to the stolen long hours of class 12, its been a wonderful journey. Even in the future, no matter how many seasons change, how many droughts and floods come our way, the DD's will stand strong 'TOGETHER'... 

SJC - This was the place where we had met for the first time ... 

We would always be thankful to this school for giving us such great friends. Love you both

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