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My Golden Years of My School - A Writing of a School Student

My Golden Years of My School

It seems just a few days ago I entered this school as a four year old - scared, insecure and timid.

My life as a Josephite was very eventful. I saw the highest highs and deadly lows in these 14 years which I have spent in this institution. 

When I look back, I am struck by all that has happened in these 14 years. 

I came here as a person who didn't known even a bit of the world but the school molded me so beautifully that today, in the last year of my high school, I am a self-dependent and a confident lady. I won't leave this place as an ordinary girl, no Josephite can be ordinary. 

I entered the school unsteadily and amazed ! Amazed at the vast world I was kept away from. 

I don't remember much of my K.G. life but all that I recall are good memories. 

My primary was the base of where I am today! Each class beginning from the very 1st standard, had something that I can never forget. 

The most prominent part of it is my 5th class. That year had been THE TIME OF MY LIFE ! 

I did everything in that year ! I was scolded encouraged, entrusted, loved, humiliated, given new opportunities. Just everything !! 

My class teacher, Ma'am Jude was one reason the year was so special was the one who made it so special to me. 

She made me anchor the Annual Function of that year. It has been a milestone for me. 

With alot of hardwork and strictness she got me change my handwriting and today, when people compliment me on my handwriting, my heart fills with gratitude to her. 

She was the one who made me see the dream of becoming the 'SCHOOL CAPTAIN' one day and today I AM ! 

Not only did she change my life as a student, she was also the only one who gave a gift unintentionally ! The gift of friendship ! 

She never intended but she made me work with some girls I didn't have good ties with. But working with them and being in their company for long, made me realise how wrong I was about them. Those three pretty girls were the gem of a person and I don't know how but they still continue to be ! 

In my middle school, life had been ordinary. 
9th class was again a turning point. I got involved into things I never imagined existed. I had the worst time that year, not because of my teachers but myself. 

I had to overcome many wrong things that I did, some follies which affected others too. As an individual, it was a heartbreaking time of my journey. It was a tough time rising again but some words spoken on the last day made me determined to rise and rise high ! 

I was given 9 on 10 as a person that day and that made me feel an urgent need to improve ! 10th class was the fun bit. A total enjoyable year it was ! We had a gala time. 

Today, when we remember the scoldings and anger we got throughout our session it just makes us smile though they had hurt and with time many such memories become the sweet ones ! 

In my 11th class, things changed ! We all grew up suddenly ! 

Everything turned serious ! 

And within no time, we landed into the 12th! We still haven't realised that is the last year ! THE ULTIMATE YEAR !

And this had been the year, my school gave me the reward of serving it for so many years. 
The day had been 1st of April and the names of the Cabinet were being announced. A moment of surprise which turned to joy. A joy I got only because of someone who encouraged me at the time of decision making and to an extent took it for me. 

Today, I think I've hardly seen anything but when I look back, I have a valuable collection of different experiences ! A perfect web of school life of which I am weaving the last strand ! 

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be a part of the SJC family for 14 years of my life! 

Those years which would never return but will still always be with me ! 

The campus holds too many memories, not just mine but of thousands of others. 

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