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'FRIENDSHIP' The Essence of Life - Writing for Best Friends

'FRIENDSHIP' The Essence of Life
" Friendship means understanding, not agreement. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact is lost. "
Everyone remembers their first day of school as it is the beginning of a whole new chapter in one's life. For most of us it is a feeling of sadness rather than joy. From the warmth, care and protection provided in our homes, we enter an arena of cut -throat competition.

Hesitant to take this giant leap, we as small children are sad at first. But then we take a look around, suddenly reality strikes us and we realise that we are surrounded by people who share the same feeling though some of us who are quite cheerful even on the first
'FRIENDSHIP' The Essence of Life - Writing for Best Friends
'FRIENDSHIP' The Essence of Life
day of school try to comfort those who aren't. Though our comforting speech is utter nonsense but at that tender age it makes complete sense to our classmates. In this way we start interacting with each other and a beautiful relationship called 'Friendship' commences. But what is friendship ? Is it just 'a friend in need whose a friend in deed ?" or is it much more than that famous saying "Friendship is the adhesive which aims our life to other lives". A school friend a family member or even a pet for that matter can be a friend.

Friendship teaches us life's greatest lessons which neither a book nor a scientist could ever explain.

Everyone has different views on friendship. For some, it is the sharing of their secrets with those people whom they can trust blindly. For some, their best friends are their lucky charm and for some, their friends are their daily dose of happiness.

Friendship is not about finding similarities with a person, it is accepting one's differences and keeping up with it.

Friendship is not limited to a period of time, it is eternal or immortal. True friends are quite hard to find and therefore they should be preserved as precious jewels. They are the ones who help us through the thick and thin.

People have a misconception that true friends can only be found when one is in school or college. This is completely erroneous as one can find a caring and loving friend even at the age of sixty. Friendship knows no boundaries and is neither confined to a particular place or age. Like oxygen is a necessity for our survival on this earth similarly true friendship is also required to lead a long, healthy and happy life.

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