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What are the sea-side scenes described by Robert Lynd in his essay, 'Seaside' What particularly interests the author?

Q. 3. What are the sea-side scenes described by Robert Lynd in his essay, 'Seaside' What particularly interests the author? 

Ans. Robert Lynd describes the various scenes on the seaside. Butterflies rise from the sands and pour over the sandhills. Black and red bees live among the blue flowers of the sea-holly. There are rows of flowers like rest-harrow and hearts-ease and fields of primroses. Larks rise and sing over the waste of the sea. 

On the beach, men and women and children move about like pretty insects. The children fly kites for pleasure. Elderly men do this as a pursuit. The kite-flyer enjoys the pleasure alone. But the mostsociable mortals are those who play with balls. Many people play cricket, tennis, football and golf. They do not bother whether they hit or miss. The author extemporizes a game of cricket with his walking stick and with two children's spades fora wicket. 

There are other games as well. Shrimpers wade up to their waists to catch shrimps. Children also shrimp for pleasure. Children are gallant diggers engaged in building castles, towns and digging wells and channels. Elderly people also join them. 

The author indicates the pleasures and problems of elderly people. One man turns out pies from the bucket for the amusement of a child. The child sweeps the pie into ruin. The man is amused at and proud of the child's deed. Another man wants to walk briskly for exercise. But the ..t thwarts his progress by pausing at every shell he comes across. The parent tries to distract the child's attention from the shells by dancing and by making faces. But the child regards all his exercises as none of its business. 

There is a constant stream of human beings in bathing costumes. Rescuers stand alert on the shore to watch bathers. They blow their trumpets if they see any danger. They would not allow any bathers or any children on the shore on a day of wind and waves. They are sterner than school masters. The author is not disturbed by the trumpets of the rescuers. He loves to roll about in the breaking waves after a storm or lazily bathe in the shallow water. 

The author is particularly impressed by the people on the beach who are eager for some games or activities. They do notcome to visit the seaside to spend hours idly. The tents on the seacoast are the camps of activities. It is the philosopher who advises idleness and loves to live in idleness. But the people love activities. So the people are more active on holidays than on other days. They play games. Children play for fun and pleasure, but elderly people play for exercise. 

Another thing that strikes the author is that children shrimp, dig and build for innocent amusements. There is no money consideration in all these activities. It is the money Mint that spoils the pleasure of shrimping, digging etc. 

The author is also impressed by the character of rescuers who stand on the beach to save bathers from the dangers on the sea. Their shrill trumpets cannot be defied by any one. They are stern even with the old people. They will allow no one on the sea-beach on a day of wind and waves. 

The author, however, likes to roll on the shallow water as he moves on the sand hills. The trumpets of rescuers meant for daring swimmers do not disturb the author.

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