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Uncle's Invention English Abol Tabol Poem of Sukumar Roy

Uncle's Invention English Abol Tabol Poem of Sukumar Roy
Uncle's Invention English Abol Tabol Poem of Sukumar Roy
By Sukumar Roy  (English Translation by Satyajit Ray)

Chandidas's uncle has invented a device 
Which is causing everyone to praise it to the skies. 
When Uncle was a year old, or maybe even younger, 
He came out with a lusty yell that sounded just like "Goonga." 
At such an age most other tots just manage "Glug" and "Mum," 
So “Goonga" like a thunderbolt, struck everybody dumb. 
And all who heard, said "Here's a boy – provided he survives –   
Will one day surely bring about a change in human lives." 
It seems the day is here at last, and victory is won 
With what will make a five miles walk seem like only one. 
I've seen the contrivance myself, and say with confidence 
Never had invention had such greater significance. 
Let me tell you how it strikes the eyes of a beholder: 
First of ail, one notes that you must strap it to your shoulder. 
An arm extends, and from its end one notes there hangs a hook 
To which you bait some food – stuff which you either buy or cook. 
Naturally the choice depends upon you predilections 
(It's wiser to restrict yourself to hookable confections). 
The sight of morsel dangling close provokes the urge to eat  
Which, transcribed to your motive force, soon propels the feet.  
Before you know you're on the go, your mind, intent on feeding, 
But since the food is travelling too you never stop your speeding 
The outcome, I need hardly add, will change our whole existence  
Because we'll walk for nourishment, and never mind the distance.  
No wonder's there’s a move afoot, to honour, Uncle soon 
For bestowing on humanity an everlasting boon. 

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