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TSUNAMI-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Tsunami is a Japanese word. The letter T is silent while pronouncing the word Tsunami. Tsunami means high rising waves travelling at supersonic speeds. 

Tsunami is caused due to earthquakes underneath the sea-bed. When geoplutonic plates get dislodged, they cause the seawater to move. The impact is so much that the sea water moves on to the land and engulfs everything on its way for a few kilometers on the shore. 

The waves rise to about 10 feet high. The force is so much that they smash everything on their way. People get drowned in water. Cars are washed away. 

Somehow it is found that the wild animals do not get affected. This may be due to their sixth sense. 

Some countries have installed Tsunami warning systems. The scientists cannot stop a Tsunami but if they come to know about it early, they can evacuate the people on the shores. 

Tsunami is very devasting natural calamity.

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