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TOURISM-Junior English Essays


Tourism is of two types namely domestic an international. Tourism is an industry in itself. 

The economy of a country improves due to tourism. Some states like Jammu and Kashmir and some countries like Mauritius depend mainly on tourism for their income. 

Terrorism or high rates of crime dissuade the tourists. We have seen this happen in Jammu and Kashmir. Usually in India, the taxi driver fleece the international passengers who have language problems. This sends very bad vibrations. 

We should remember that guests are like Gods in our culture. We should be very polite and loving to the tourists. Tourists should be given special treatment in reservations and hospitals. They should always be respected. 

Tourism brings in the much-needed foreign exchange. Especially in India, we need to keep our tourist places clean. 

We should also advertise properly and market our tourist destinations optimally to boost tourism.

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