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THE WONDERS OF SCIENCE-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


We cannot think of a world without science today. When I visit my village I feel out of place. 

Science has made our lives comfortable and meaningful. We can use many gadgets like televisions, washing machines, mixers, mobiles, etc. We can brush our teeth with tooth pastes. We can eat food with knowledge about the calories. 

When we fall ill we can take medicines. We can protect our country with sophisticated weapons. With the help of science we can build strong houses and wear warm clothes. 

Science helps parents who do not have children with invitro fertilization, test tube babies and cloning. We can hear music any time with the help of tape recorders, MP3 and D.V.D's. 

We can use computers in all walks of life to perform our tasks faster. We can also produce better crops by genetic engineering. We can increase the milk production. 

Science has made us modern. It helps us to save our valuable time for other important works.

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