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THE MOON-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


The moon is the satellite of the earth. It shines in the sky in the night. It has white colour. We can see the picture of an inverted hare on the moon. When the sun sets the moon comes out in the night. The light of the moon is very cool and soothing. 

The shape of the moon keeps on changing. Sometimes it is full. Then it is called a full moon. Sometimes it disappears. Then it is called a new moon. In the mean time, it either increases or decreases. The eleventh day of the waxing and waning moon is called `EKADASHI'. Devout Hindus fast on this day from grains and beans. 

Scientists claim to have reached the moon. However the devotees feel that one cannot go to the moon in his present body. One has to achieve a lot of pious credits to reach the moon. So where scientists have landed may not be the real moon. 

Children in India fondly call the moon 'CHANDAMAMA'.

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