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THE INDEPENDENCE DAY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


The Independence Day is celebrated on the 15' of August. At midnight on this day in 1947, India became independent. India became free from the British rule. 

It is officially celebrated all over India. Delhi is the capital of India. Here, the government of India celebrates the Independence Day. The Prime Minister hoists the Indian National Flag and delivers a speech. 

Schools, colleges, shops, factories and offices are closed as it is a public holiday. State capitals also celebrate this day. Chief Minister delivers the speech in the state capital. Everywhere the national flag is hoisted. People go to schools and government offices on this day, not to work but to celebrate. The most reputed person is requested to hoist the Indian national flag. 

On this day people rededicate themselves to the nation.. They pledge to be faithful and devoted to their country. People also remember the sacrifices of many freedom fighters.

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