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THE HORSE-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


A horse is a useful animal. Some horses can run fast. They are used in races. Some can pull heavy loads. They are used in agriculture. The horses have big eyes. One eye can look forward while the other eye can look backward. Their skin is very thin. The horse uses its tail for flicking away flies. It has long and strong legs. It can run long distances..A hard hoof protects its foot. 

Horses are of many colours like black, brown, grey and white. They eat grass and grams. 

An adult horse is called 'Stallion'. A female is called 'Mare'. The female baby of a horse is called a 'Foal' and a young male is called a `Colt'. 

Horses in the wild live in groups called `Herds'. Horses are used for riding, racing, pulling and in the movies. 

They are used by the army and police in adverse conditions also. In this way horses are very useful for the mankind.

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