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THE DOG-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Dog is a domestic animal. Dogs are kept as pets as they are very faithful to their masters. 

Different breeds of dog are found like Doberman, German Shepherd, Pomeranian, Great Dane, Terrier, Bull Dog, etc. Some dogs are very huge and some dogs are very small. 

Dogs help us in different ways. They give us love and company. They also protect us as they bark at strangers. Some dogs are trained and used by police to trace criminals. 

Now-a-days, dogs are well taken care of. There are many products available in the market exclusively for the use of dog. Dog care products like dog soaps, dog shampoos, dog powders, dog biscuits, dog leashes, dog chewing bones are common. 

Good medical care is provided to dogs by veterinary doctors. Dog shows are held in big cities. In these shows, dogs compete for prizes in different categories. 

Thus dogs are very useful animals.

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