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THE CAT-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


The cat is a domestic animal. Cats are kept as pets by some people. Cats are good at keeping away mice. 

Cats are of different sizes. People usually prefer to keep cats having a lot of fur. The eyes of cat shine in the darkness. Cats are afraid of dogs. 

Cats are playful. Sometimes they become dangerous, especially if they are locked up in a room. They are very possessive about their kittens. 

Cats attack their enemies with the help of their sharp claws and teeth. They can jump from great heights safely, because they have soft paws. 

In foreign countries especially, people are very attached to their pet cats. They take them to veterinary doctor if they fall ill. Usually pet cats become obese. Sometimes they drop things when they move from one place to another. 

Cats are good friends to lonely people.

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