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TELEVISION-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Television is a wholesome mode of entertainment. There are a lot of channels available. Doordarshan is the most famous in India because of its availability all over India even without he help of cable television. 

One can see the news round the clock. There re religious programmes. There are cartoon programmes for the children. Some programmes are educative. 

Sometimes people fight for the remote control. Previously we did not have many choices but now-a-days there are too many programmes. People can watch cricket matches on the television. In India cricket is like a religion.

Many channels display movies. We can watch English or Hindi. movies. We can also watch movies in the regional languages. We can also play games on the television.

Some people watch television excessively. They become fat and their eyes get spoilt. Instead of playing outdoor games they sit glued to their television sets. 

We should see good programmes on the television only for certain period of the day.

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