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SHIVAJI-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Shivaji was born in 1627. His father Shahji was a landlord. His mother Jijabai was a very pious and intelligent woman. 

From his childhood Shivaji was brave. His mother was his first teacher. He could not tolerate his countrymen being oppressed under the tyranny of Muslim rule. So he collected some landlords and fought against the Muslim rule. He conquered the state of Bijapur and other Mughal territories. 

Aurangazeb could not tolerate this. So he sent Shaista Khan to fight against him. Shivaji gave Shaista Khan a crushing defeat. 

Shivaji was a shrewd politician and an intelligent statesman. Aurangazeb tried to imprison him but failed. Afral Khan came to attack Shivaji but Shivaji murdered him. Once when Aurangzeb put Shivaji in prison, he escaped with the help of security guards in a basket of sweets. 

Shivaji distributed all the money he won in battles among the poor. He was famous for guerilla warfare. He treated women with respect. 

Shivaji died in 1680.

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