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PUNCTUALITY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Punctuality is an important building block of our character. When we go to school if we are punctual, it creates a very good impression on the teachers. We should do our home-work regularly. We should not work very hard only before the exams. We should be punctual in our work all through the year. 

Better than being on time is to be before time. So when we have to catch a train, plane or if we are to face an interview, it is always better if we reach before time. 

We may possess a lot of money but if we have money at the time of need it is more useful. Punctuality means discipline. According to our Vedas two qualities are most important for deity worship — Cleanliness and Punctuality. 

We can learn the lesson of punctuality from our stomach. If we do not feed it punctually, it does not function properly and gets filled with gas.

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