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POSTMAN-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Post man delivers letters. He wears khaki uniform. He reaches the post office early in the morning. 

In the post office he sorts out the letters and arranges them. He also collects the money and parcels to be distributed. He sets off to distribute the letters at around 11 a.m. 

He brings happy news to some people while he brings sad news to some. He delivers the letters in all seasons. Sometimes he has difficulty in finding the addresses. Most of the times he has difficulty in reading the addresses which are not legible. The addresses are sometimes written in English. At other times they are written in Hindi or the regional languages. 

Sometimes people offer him a glass of water. Sometimes he comes across rude people. He is a government servant. 

As a postman works very hard for all us in all seasons we should be kind to him. After delivering all the letters he returns to the post office. Here he returns the money orders and parcels he was unable to deliver because of the absence of people.

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