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POLLUTION-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Addition of harmful substances to nature is called pollution. Pollution is of different types. 

The smoke.coming out from the chimneys of industries and the silencers of vehicles causes air pollution. We can counteract this by reducing polluting factories and using good quality fuels and engines. We can also plant trees which will convert carbon-di-oxide into oxygen. 

Water pollution is caused by leaving untreated wastes into rivers. This should be avoided by all means. Already many cities and villages are facing water shortage. 

When we throw plastic wastes and computer wastes it causes soil pollution. Seventy percent of our population is rural and depends on agriculture. So soil pollution should be avoided if we want the farmers to progress. Soil pollution makes the soil infertile. 

Noise pollution is caused by honking horns and using loud speakers. We should avoid using horns in front of schools & hospitals. We should not use loudspeakers after 8 p.m. 

All sorts of pollution spoil the ecology and should be avoided.

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