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POLICEMAN-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Police executes the laws made by the legislators and brings to the notice of the judiciary those people who break the laws. 

Without the policemen there would be law and order problem everywhere. The policeman wears a khaki uniform. He represents the government. 

When any citizen has a problem, he approaches the police and lodges his complaint. The police tries to solve his problem. People usually go the police to report about thefts, missing persons or against criminals. 

Now-a-days people have a bad impression about the police. This is because the policeman is more interested in bribes than doing his duties faithfully. Of course there are honest policemen in the department too. 

The policemen also give security to V.I.P's. They also guard important places. Many a time the policeman has to work in the night. 

The policeman is very powerful because he represents the law.

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