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OUR SCHOOL PEON-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Our school peon wears Khaki inform. He also sports a Khaki cap. He is the first one to reach the school. He opens the doors, cleans the place and rings the bell. 

He is very kind to us. He greets us when we come to school. He recognizes each one of us individually. In the lunch break, when we go for having lunch, he hands us our lunch boxes. He is able to remember all our lunch boxes. He asks us what we brought for lunch. Sometimes we share our lunch with him. 

Though he is our servant we look up to him for guidance when we have some problems. When children fight among themselves, he intervenes. 

Our school peon sees to it that no one leaves the school before the final bell rings. If someone has important work he would permit them to go only if their parents or guardians come to take them. We like our school peon very much.

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