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OUR NATIONAL FLAG-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Our national flag consists of three colours -saffron, white and green. After India became independent, it adopted the national flag on 15'h August 1947. 

The saffron colour in the flag stands for sacrifices. White colour stands for peace and green stands for production. In the centre of the white band there is an "Ashokak. It has 24 spokes. 

Our national flag is a symbol of pride, freedom and unity among our people. When thee national flag is hoisted, we ought to stand up in respect. It is a crime to dishonour the national flag. 

On the national functions like Independence Day celebrations and Republic day celebrations, the national flag is hoisted. On such occasions small flags are also sold. Children buy such flags and hoist them on their cycles. Some even paste a miniature flag on their pockets. 

One should always respect his national flag. I am proud of my national flag.

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