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Old Tickler English Abol Tabol Poem of Sukumar Roy

Old Tickler English Abol Tabol Poem of Sukumar Roy
Old Tickler English Abol Tabol Poem of Sukumar Roy
By Sukumar Roy (English Translation by Satyajit Ray)

Go East or West, go North or south, by land sea or air, 
But before you go, make sure the old Tickler isn’t there. 
Tickler is a terror, and I’ll tell you what he’s after –  
He’ll have you stuffing tickle chops until you choke with laughter. 
It’s hard to tell where he lives, and harder to restrict him, 
He’s always round the corner looking for a victim. 
His method is quite simple ; he’ll grab you by your sleeve 
And tell you anecdotes which he insists you must believe. 
He thinks they’re very funny, while others find them grim, 
(They have to keep on laughing though, so as to humour him).  
One wouldn’t mind the stories if they were all one had to bear, 
He also uses tickle – feathers, which is most unfair, 
And so he goes on cackling, “Oh, but don’t you think its funny –  
Aunt Kitty selling pigeons’ eggs and figs and cloves and honey 
The eggs are long and conical, the cloves are all convoluted  
The figs have arabesques on them nicely executed, 
From dawn till dusk Aunt Kitty sings a string of motley airs 
All mew and barks and brays and neighs (Aunt Kitty calls them Prayers).” 
Saying so, he brings his hand behind your back to pinch you, 
At which you have to laugh unless you want that he should lynch you. 
Abol Tabol English Poems Collection

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