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NUCLEAR ENERGY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Nuclear energy is the energy we get by splitting or fusing an atom. It is of a very high magnitude. 

The process of fusing atoms is called nuclear fusion while the process of splitting atoms is called nuclear fission. The concept of nuclear energy is based on the theory of relativity of Einstien. 

When we speak of nuclear energy, the picture that comes to the mind is the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Nuclear energy can also be used for constructive purposes. 

Nuclear energy is used to run submarines. Radioisotopes help us to determine the age of fossils. Nuclear energy is also used to cure cancer patients by radiotherapy. Fuel is indispensable nowadays and we are fast running out of fossil fuels. In this light, nuclear energy is very important as it can provide us the much-needed fuel. 

So, if nuclear energy is judiciously used, it can be very useful to the mankind.

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