Bangla Bhumi - Bengali Business - Latest Loan - Bank Updates - Mutual Fund & Insurance

Bangla Bhumi - Bengali Business - Latest Loan - Bank Updates - Mutual Fund & Insurance

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NEWSPAPERS-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Newspapers have a history of 400 years. The first thing people read in the morning is the newspaper. 

Newspapers are popular all over the world. Many of them have colour photos. We can avail ourselves of the news all over the world in the comfort of our sitting room. We can see many advertisements in the newspapers. Also one can search for brides and grooms in the matrimonial columns. 

The editorials of the newspapers are very informative. There are views and counterviews on current topics. Newspapers are very cheap and can be afforded by one and all. We can also read newspapers in the municipal libraries free of charge. 

Children can enjoy the cartoon columns in a newspaper. Children can send their drawings to be published in the newspapers. Also one can complain against the government through letters to the editors of newspapers. 

So newspapers are very useful to our society.

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