Bangla Bhumi - Bengali Business - Latest Loan - Bank Updates - Mutual Fund & Insurance

Bangla Bhumi - Bengali Business - Latest Loan - Bank Updates - Mutual Fund & Insurance

BanglarBhumi, Khatian and Plot Information, Bangla Land and Property Guide, Jomir Tathya, Government Schemes News, Loan, Bank, Mutual Fund, Insurance and Startup Business News in Bangla. Bengali Guide for Ancestral Property Laws, Land Inheritance Laws, Property Partition, Property Investments.

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National Integration has become a vital necessity. If we want to maintain our freedom and achieve progress and prosperity, national integration is absolutely necessary. United we stand, divided we fall. 

Regionalism is harmful to the interests of the nation. Such ways of thinking have to be avoided. We are first and foremost Indians. In fact, terrorists use national disintegration to usher in unrest in the society. They use the formula `Divide and Rule'. 

Communal riots that occur frequently affect the integrity of the country. Religion should teach the people the necessity of tolerance, goodwill and brotherhood of man. Every effort must be made to root out communalism. It is against the spirit of democracy. 

The caste system and untouchability affect the integration of the country. The interstate water disputes affect the unity of the nation. 

The mass media have to be used to accelerate the process of national integration.


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