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MY TEACHER-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Many teachers teach me. My favourite teacher is Mr Rajaratnam. He teaches us science. He is also our class teacher.

Rajaratqam Sir has been teaching in our school for ten years. He knows all the students by their names. He is very understand& and caring. 

He is an expert in his subject. He explains science very well. Even the weak students can understand science very easily when he teaches. 

I ask him many questions because I want to have clear concepts about science. He never gets irritated when I ask him so many questions. He even invites me to meet him in the recess to ask questions. 

He encourages his students to ask questions and get their doubts cleared. He does not encourage cramming. He asks us to write answers in our own words. 

He is very strict. He is also very punctual. He never beats anyone. Everyone likes him very much.

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