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MY NEIGHBOUR-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


We live in a government colony. Our neighbour is Mr Joshi. He works in the electricity department as a manager. 

He is a very honest person. He does not accept bribes. He is not interested in material opulence. He is a good natured simple person. 

His wife is very affectionate. She is a God-fearing lady. She is kind and polite. She likes me very much. 

We are very close with our neighbours. Whenever we cook something special, we give them. They also share delicious dishes with us. 

Mrs Joshi always invites me to her house. Her children are grown-up and settled in another city. So she requests me to keep her company in the afternoon. 

Mr Joshi is a very good person. I look up to him for advice. I share with him some secrets which I cannot share with my parents. I am proud of my neighbour.

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