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MY HOUSE-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


My house is a home to me because of the love and peace I enjoy 

My house is adjacent to the main road . It is actually an independent bungalow. 

There is a huge gate at the entrance. We have a garden in front of our house. There are different kinds of roses and basil plants in it. 

There is a huge hall in our house. The front portion of the hall is used as sitting room while the high portion is used as dining room. On the left side of the hall is the master bedroom. It is used by my parents. On the right side of the hall is the guest room. 

Adjacent to the guest room and towards the right side of dining room is another bedroom. I share it with my sister. All the bedrooms have attached toilets. 

On the left side of dining room is the kitchen. Behind the kitchen is a store-room. 

My house has been built by my father 10 years back.

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