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MY HOBBY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Hobby means the things we love to do in our leisure time. It we cultivate a hobby, we can fight boredom. We can also hone our skills. 

These are different types of hobbies like photography, coin collection, stamp collection, listening to music, travelling, dancing, singing, playing cards etc. 

My hobby is gardening. I spend my spare time in the garden. I pull out the weeds. Then I till the soil with a spade. I mix some natural fertilizers like compost and then I sow the seeds. I water the seedlings. 

I water the plants in the evenings after I come back from school. Gardening provides me some good exercise. Plantes—are my friends. 

I feel great joy to see my plants flowering. I gift the flowers to my teachers, neighbours and friends. 

Due to my hobby, I learnt a lot about Botany. Thus hobbies are useful for all round development of personality.

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