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MY HEAD MASTER-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


My school is very reputed. It is highly respected because of my head-master. 

My head master is Father Stanley. He is a Ph.D. He likes literature. He is very good at English. He reads a lot. He is gentle and good natured. 

Father Stanley is very strict. After the results are declared, he comes to each class with a cane and a box of sweets. He rewards the children who have improved their performance with sweets. He also punishes the children who have performed badly with thrashings on their palms with the cane. Sometimes the cane breaks, but he does not melt. 

He wants to ensure that the children perform better next time. 

Father Stanley is also very punctual. He tells us moral stories. He asks us to never copy in the exams. Once a student was caught copying. He was restricated by my head master, even though his parents were very powerful. 

I like my head master very much.

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