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MY FAVOURITE SEASION WINTER-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Winter is my favourite season. Winter is tough like summer and rainy season but still I like winter season. 

In summer season it is too hot. We can use fans and take bath frequently but there is electricity failure and shortage of water. In rainy season we can use umbrellas and raincoats but our outdoor activities are affected. 

In winter, if we can afford warm clothes and a warm house, then we can easily endure the season. We can have outdoor games. They make us warm. 

In winter our appetite increases. So we can eat more. Our skin becomes fair. I take a cold water shower even at the height of winter season. It increases my blood circulation and makes me feel fresh. 

It is also a pleasure to sit in front of bonfire and gossip in winter. That is why I like the winter season.

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