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Bangla Bhumi - Bengali Business - Latest Loan - Bank Updates - Mutual Fund & Insurance

BanglarBhumi, Khatian and Plot Information, Bangla Land and Property Guide, Jomir Tathya, Government Schemes News, Loan, Bank, Mutual Fund, Insurance and Startup Business News in Bangla. Bengali Guide for Ancestral Property Laws, Land Inheritance Laws, Property Partition, Property Investments.

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My favourite character in fiction is David Copperfield, in the masterpiece of Charles Dickens, 'David Copperfield'. 

David is born after his father's death. His mother marries again. His stepfather, Murdstone is unkind. He sends the boy to the Salem House. The head master of the school makes life miserable for David. David leaves the school. His mother dies. Then Murdstone sends him as a labourer in the service of Grinby in London. His life is extremely unhappy. 

David runs away from London and reaches the house of his father's aunt, Betsey Trotwood. She sends him for further education to Canterbury. His life in this school is very happy. He marries Dora. She dies. David goes abroad. When he comes back, he is famous as a writer. He marries Agnes, as desired by his first wife and leads a very happy married life. 

The robust optimism shown by David fascinates me.

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