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MY FAMILY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


My name is Rahul. There are four members in my family. 

The head of our family is my father. His name is Rohit. He is an engineer. He is working in a private firm. He is 38 years old. He is a loving and caring person. He has a well-maintained physique. 

My mother is 36 years old. Her name is Urmila. She is very religious. She takes care of us. She cooks delicious dishes. She keeps our house clean. She is a house-wife. 

My younger sister is seven years old. She is studying in 2nd standard. Her name is Priyanka. She is a good artist. She is very intelligent. I am ten years old. I study in class 5. I play games regularly. I am good at cricket. 

My family is nuclear. We visit our grandparents during our holidays. I like my family very much. My family members are very co-operative.

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