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MY CLASS ROOM-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


I study in a private school. It is the most reputed school in our state. My classroom is very big. 

There are thirty students in my class. My classroom is 50 feet long and 40 feet wide. There are thirty tables and chairs for students and one for the teacher. Each table has a lock so that the students can lock their belongings in the table. 

We have a ply board in our classroom. Teachers write on it with colourful markers. These are six fans in our classroom. Actually the students were charged surcharge for fans when they were installed. We have large ventilator and four large windows in our classroom. There is enough cross-ventilation. There is an iron safe. The key of the iron safe is with the class-teacher. 

There is a dustbin in the corner. There are useful, educative, colourful charts on the walls. We keep our classroom neat and tidy. I am proud of my classroom.

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