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MY BEST FRIEND-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


I have many friends. Dinesh is my best friend. I am very lean. He is very fat. So my ....... friends call us Laurel and Hardy. 

Dinesh wants to become an IAS officer. He likes commerce -Stream. His father is a businessman. 

I often visit his house. His parents welcome me with great affection and love. They know that I am his best friend. 

Dinesh is very good in his studies. Sometimes because I am lean, my classmates tease me. Dinesh comes to my rescue. Now all of my classmates know that Dinesh is my best friend. So they stopped bullying me. 

We had been classmates for many years. We came close only two years back. From that time we became bosom friends. 

Dinesh is good natured. He always speaks truth. He does not copy in examinations. 

I am very grateful to God for giving me such a good friend.

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