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MUSIC-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Brahma created the world and Sarasvati created music. Music entertains people. 

There are different types of music. In India, classical music is popular while Western music is popular in the West. There are different tunes called ragas. The tunes must match with the beats or taal. Otherwise it would be noise and not music. 

When ragas are played properly they can cause rain to come or lamps to light by themselves. 

Due to the progress of science, music can be recorded and reproduced. People use radios, televisions, tape recorders, gramophones, MP-3, walkmans etc for listening to music. 

Basic knowledge of music is required to appreciate it. Various instruments are used to produce melodious music like harmonium, flute, sitar, guitar, tabla etc. 

Most of the Indian movies incorporate songs to make them popular. Those who are good at music gain instant stardom. 

Music helps us to relax from our bus life. It is also used to praise God.

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