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MILK-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Milk is a natural food. It is a very nutritious and good for health. Milk contains all the necessary carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. That is why milk is a wholesome food. 

Every baby starts his life consuming milk. In fact, milk is the only food of the infants. In India, cow milk is very popular. Poor people drink goat's milk. Cow's milk is rich in Vitamin A, while buffalo's milk is rich in fat. 

Many by-products of milk like butter, ghee, yoghurt, milk based sweets, paneer and cheese are very popular. 

Milk is a perishable item. So milk is boiled. This process is called pasteurization. This disinfects the milk. It is cooled if it has to be stored for a long time. Milk is converted into milk powder which can be stored for longer durations. 

Milk is a universal food. People all over the world consume it. Some children do not like milk. So they take milk with sweetening agents like Horlicks, Boost or Bournivita.

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