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MANGO-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Mango is the king of fruits. It is available in the summer season. It has a very sweet taste. It is a great source of income to the farmers. 

Mangoes are exported to different parts of the world. Now-a-days India is exporting mangoes to China also. Mangoes are grown in large areas. They differ in size taste and colour. Mangoes are grown in South India, Maharastra and Western U.P. The best mangoes are exported. So though we produce the best mangoes in the world, we do not get to eat them. 

Mangoes have a soothing effect in the hot summer. They have a pulp inside them. Children like them very much. Mangoes are also used for making juices, shakes, pickles and jams. 

There are different types of mangoes like Sindhuri, Langda, Chausa, Appus, etc. 

I like mangoes very much. I eagerly wait for the summer season as I can eat mangoes and also I have holidays.

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