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LUST, ANGER AND GREED-Junior English Essays


The Bhagavad Gita says that lust, anger and greed are the three gates to hell. 

Everyone wants to fight these three vices but they find themselves entangled more and more in them. The problem starts with lust. Lust thwarted, turns into anger. If lust is gratified, it transforms into greed. 

All of us want to become good citizens and get out of this mire. There are many ways recommended by different saints. However one thing is common in all these paths. The help of God is the only way to control these vices. 

If we find someone succumbing to such 4 problems, the best way is to pray for him. If someone gets angry and we rebuke him, it is not going to help the cause. If we go into another room and pray for him, it would yield some results. 

So we have to depend on God to be untouched by the three vices namely lust, anger and greed.

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