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It is not possible for any man but a philosopher to be indolent and to be happy

Q 4. 'It is not possible for any man but a philosopher to be indolent and to be happy.'- In what connection does the author make this comment ? What does he indicate here ? 

Ans. The author make this comment when he speaks of the various activities of men, women, children in the seaside. All the men and women and children who come to the seaside are engaged in some games. They fly kites, they play tennis, cricket, football and golf. They do not care whether they hit or miss. They are busy doing nothing. They do nothing restlessly. They are never idle or still. They move like butterflies and circulate like bees. 

The author says that the philosophers have praised indolence. But no one can be happy by being indolent. Men must do something. As a matter of fact, men do greater amount of work on holidays than on working days. 

Work does not mean doing something that is useful or profitable. Any exercise that gives man pleasure is also work. The author himself takes a walking stick and plays cricket with it and with a red India-rubber ball. The round ball is the symbol of perfection. A man pursues the ball with absolute freedom from care. He masters with the seriousness and skill with which he masters the sea or stars or the universe of spheres. So the ball gives him an excuse for doing something with restless industry and devotion. It is a goal, an ideal to which he bends his energy and attention.

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