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IMPORTANCE OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


English is the mother tongue of the. Britishers. They ruled the whole planet until recently. When they receded, they left back their language. Though many languages are spoken all over the world, English is truly the international language. It is one language that cements the gap between different countries of the world. 

Even though Hindi is the national language of India, most of the higher education is imparted in English. We need to know English to avail ourselves of the vast knowledge available on the internet. 

Now- a- days lot of work is outsourced. As English is the common language one should be able to communicate fluently in English for working on those projects. India is earning a lot of foreign exchange because Indians speak fluent English. Also their grammar is of superior quality. 

"If one is not fluent in English, he is as good as an illiterate" is a well known saying.

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