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ILLITERACY-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Lack of education is called as illiteracy. Children are the future of the nation. So if they are well educated, the nation will become strong. 

In India many states have very less literate people. Only Kerala has achieved 100% literacy. In the government schools there are no facilities. Due to lack of toilets in schools, girls are not interested in pursuing their studies. 

Many government schools do not have drinking water facilities. In some schools there is not even a blackboard. Something has to be done urgently. The government is taxing an additional 2% education cess from the public. 

Due to illiteracy people are unemployed. There is poverty. Also due to lack of awareness many diseases are spreading. People do not know the importance of polio vaccine due to illiteracy. 

People believe in superstitions due to illiteracy. Our president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is stressing the need for education. 

So at all costs we must educate all the children of India.

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