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ID-UL-FITR-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Id-Ul-Fitr is one of the biggest festivals of the Muslims. It is celebrated at the end of Ramzan. Ramzan is a month of fasting. Muslims fast not only from food but also from all bad habits during this month. 

The month of Shawal follows the month of Ramzan. The first day of the month of Shawal is called Id-Ul-Fitr. It is a day of the new moon. 

Muslims go the mosque on this day for special prayers. They wear new clothes. It is an occasion of joy. The streets are filled with Muslims who visit their friends and relatives on this day. They wish each other 'Id Mubarak'. 

Sweets are prepared and shared with friends and relatives. `Sewain' is a popular dish made on Id. Everyone is served with Sewain which are a type of noodles.

After a month of fasting and prayers Muslims are now charged up spiritually. Fasting in the month of Ramzan is one of the five tenets of a bonafide Muslim.

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