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HABIT OF READING-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Happy is the man who acquires the habit of reading at a young age. He has secured a life-long source of pleasure, instruction and inspiration. He possesses wealth more precious than gold. 

Reading helps one to properly utilize ones leisure time. He never feels bored or lonely. Good books are the best company. 

Even for monks holy books are a great source of inspiration. For the Hindus it is the Gita. It is Bible for the Christians and Quran for the Muslims. Once Swami Prabhupad said, "If I am left in a desert all alone and am allowed to carry only one possession I would prefer the Gita." 

India is soon emerging as a developed country. The progress is neither due to the agricultural sector or the manufacturing sector but due to the knowledge sector. 

Reading gives the highest amount of plea sure provided we chook the right books.

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