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GOOD HABITS-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Habits either good or bad are difficult to make or break. Good habits are to the character what exercise is to the body. 

We can improve our good habits by associating with good people. 

It is a good habit to rise early in the morning, brush and take bath. We should be ready to welcome the rising sun and not the other way around. We should touch the feet of our parents, elders and teachers with respect. 

We should wish each other with an appropriate wish like Good Morning, Salam Alekum, Sat Sri Akal, Good Afternoon, Hare Krishna, Hari Om or Hari Bol, etc. 

We should not hurt anyone with our words or deeds. We should always try to help others. We should offer our seats to pregnant woman or old people in crowded buses. We ought to stand up when the national anthem is played. 

We should never steal or tell lies. We should be God —fearing. We should do unto others what we want others to do unto us. We should at the same time avoid association with bad people.

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