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GOD - THE GREAT CREATOR-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


There are innumerable things of beauty in the world. Our human body itself is a great creation. Have you ever thought how a cow gives white milk after eating green grass? The creation of God baffles all material calculations. 

Do we thank the Almighty Creator enough? Most of us do not even care to thank the Almighty Lord. We take our eyes, ears and hands for granted. Ask a blind, deaf or a lame person, the value of these organs. 

The same God has the whole universe. Yet we are very eager to fight on basis of caste, creed and religion. Please tell me if your father will be pleased if you fight with your brothers and sisters. Communal riots and terrorist activities on the name of religion displease God. Communal harmony pleases God. 

So let us join our hands and THANK the Lord and TRUST that whatever He does is for our good.

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