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GAUTAM BUDDHA-Junior English Essays-School Essays Collection


Gautam Buddha was a great saint of India. He was born at Lumbini. He belonged to a royal family. His father, Sudhodana was the king of Kapilavasta. He was told by an astrologer that his son would either become a great king or a great monk. Gautam Buddha was called Siddharth in his childhood. His father took great care that he did not meet any monks. 

Prince Sidharth was married to a beautiful princess called Yashodara. They had a son named Rahul. One day when the young Siddharth went out on his chariot he saw a baby taking birth, a sick man, an old man and a dead body. He was moved by their suffering. He wanted to find a solution for these four problems. 

So one night he left his palace and started wandering like a monk. At Gaya under a Pipal tree he became enlightened. He was known as Gautam Buddha after this incident. He is one of the ten incarnations of Vishnu. 

He went from place to place preaching his new religion called Buddhism. His teachings were simple.

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